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My husband’s new client has taken us to a new part of Virginia; not far from Reston, but it definitely has a distinct flavor different from my usual environment.

The area is called the Mosaic District in Fairfax county. It is a microcosm of boutiques, organic markets and old fashioned services such as an outstanding barber shop, a gorgeous tea shop and a wonderful stationary store.

The area is tiny, when I left the hotel to walk the perimeter, I quickly found my way back to the front of the hotel and not only because I walk really, really fast. It is perhaps four square blocks of real estate or 16 blocks in total. What was the most striking to me is when I walked past the last block of the Mosaic District; I was reunited with the flavor of Reston Virginia because it actually isn’t too far away. If I remember the drive correctly, we are about six exits farther away down the highway.

I do like this small haven of creative and eclectic shops and restaurants; it feels like a little vacation getaway hidden away, yet in plain sight.