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I am documenting my exercise to provide myself with some added pressure to continue because at times it is hard to get motivated when you know that it is 92 degrees outside. I have found a loop right by where we are staying and I think that it’s about 3 miles long; I figured that length because given that it takes me 45 minutes at a fairly rapid clip, it makes sense. I remember from walking our little hill back home; the 3-4 miles would take me 45 to 50 minutes so that is how I came to my conclusion.

My face always gets this flushed when I do exercise and it takes at least almost an hour for it to go away. I get the added heat and sweat for longer than my physical exertion, which can be frustrating at times.

My outlook on exercise has changed over time; I don’t exercise for weight loss purposes anymore; I really do it for my overall health, especially my heart. I want to keep my circulatory system in the best shape possible and I want to keep my bones nice and strong; it is important after 40. You can’t stop getting older, but you can at least help determine how you are going to feel while getting there.