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I realize that I live in the “country”, really plain smack in the middle of town, but still, compared to New York or Boston, it is very much country living. However is it so much for me to ask that the chipmunks lay off my peonies? I have written and lamented about their habitual snacking on my poppies; I have even tried to inject some humor by calling them little opiate addicts, hanging out in their dens smoking my poppy buds, while getting fat off whatever goodies my gardens offers them. But was that enough for them? Apparently not, because if you look closely at the pictures with the peonies flowering and budding, you will see a few naked stalks. The other pictures by our stone wall, show the sad stalks robbed of their poppy buds, those I can understand because the stone wall is where the chipmunks love to hang out, but to go after my peonies? Really? They must be really bored because to get at the peony buds, they must be doing some pretty hefty feat of gymnastics, because they don’t have much of a wall to leap off. I tell you, I love nature and I love animals but I am having a hard time finding the forgiveness over my peonies. I look forward to their delicate beauty every year and I will not part with that easily. Jack had better get cracking and whip those chipmunks into some sort of understanding. Peonies are off limits!






Here are two pictures of my hanging plants in the front. I took those to make me feel better, at least these four haven’t been ravaged by the chipmunks. Should I qualify that with as of yet? They seem to be bingeing on my flowers more and more as the years go by.