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What is a Father’s Day celebration without dessert? While I was working on the Vietnamese spring rolls yesterday, I got the Paris-Brest pastry dessert, one of my husband’s favorites, ready in stages. Cream puff pastry dough is pretty easy to work with and you can make it in advance so that you can make your dessert on your own timetable.

So in between the spring roll filling being made; I made the cream puffs and the big round ring that defines the Paris-Brest; all that was left to make to finish the dessert was to make the vanilla pastry cream, the whipped cream and folding the ground up candied almonds into the vanilla pastry cream and pipe these into the puffs and into the ring.

So even though I did all of the work yesterday; I made so many Vietnamese spring rolls that we have been eating them today and the dessert might last until tomorrow and the emphasis on the might.



I think that my husband had a nice Father’s Day; the children gave him cards and I got him one as well. In terms of presents; my husband doesn’t ask for anything, he is always more than happy with his cards, he appreciates the time that they take to pick out just the right one.

I hope that all of my WordPress friends enjoyed their Father’s Day. πŸ˜€