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I can safely write about what the children and I were doing today together in preparation for Father’s Day because my husband specifically asked for his menu and given all of our traveling, today was the only day that I had to make his special Father’s Day treat. His treat for his special day are Vietnamese spring rolls. I have written about making these before, it essentially takes a few hours; making the filling, wrapping them into rolls and then frying them, but they are so tasty that it is definitely worth all of the work. I even had some help from our son; he was a tremendous help in wrapping the filling into rolls, he loves them even more than my husband does or his sister; I think that I am on par with him on the Vietnamese spring roll love. My husband was very happy eating them; I made sure to get enough mint and lettuce since the last time I had been too stingy in the purchasing department and we were short with the accoutrements. Not this time!