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You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

Welcome to the past. I have been traveling since I was a little girl so I know what it means to have to while away the seemingly endless hours in an airport. Actually six hours isn’t that long; airports have always had boutiques so that is an excellent way to use your time, browsing can be fun. There are so many different little places to sit to have coffee, tea or even a drink or two. You might be a little hungry and there are always some local specialties offered wherever you might be visiting.

I find it amazing and a little sad that the mere thought of not having access to electronics would cause such panic in some. There was a time when we knew how to entertain ourselves with daydreams, window shopping, walking, striking up friendly conversations and patience. I would argue that teenagers aren’t the only ones who go a little crazy when left without their cell phones.

I have thought about what I would do if the Internet would one day disappear, in regards to my writing and the instant gratification of people reading, liking and commenting on my posts. I have to admit that the instantaneous response is so very gratifying and it does validate and pump up the desire to write and share. Would I still write on a daily basis without the feedback? It would be a very difficult adjustment and I hope that I would find it within me to go beyond the spontaneous feedback and continue writing just for the passion that I feel about writing. I would miss the easy contact with my friends, but we still have letter writing and postage. The ties needn’t be lost, where there is a will, there is a way with everything in life.