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I have been having the most intense dreams of France in various forms. My family as usual is featured front and center in my dreams, it’s almost as if these dreams are my way of visiting them because my dreams are incredibly vivid. The second thing that stands out so clearly is the food that we don’t have here. My tastebuds are yearning to connect with the most basic of sandwiches; the Jambon beurre, a slender baguette split in half, buttered and filled with a slice of fresh ham; how simple, yet so very delicious. This is part of the reason why I love sleep so much; I get to dream and for the most part, my dreams are a great place to visit.

I was looking through my Facebook pictures from the last vacation that my daughter and I took in France, and I got a little nostalgic. It was only two years ago, 2012, but my daughter has grown so much since that vacation. I think the picture of the daily market full of local produce, local cheeses and meats makes me the most nostalgic, add to that the Mediterranean sea to one side and the rocky hills to the other filled with fields of lavender, rosemary and thyme and it makes for a powerful calling card to anyone.






I think that the picture of the beach almost looks like a postcard; I could print it, laminate it and send it off as a postcard and no one would be the wiser. Before writing on WordPress, I wasn’t much of a picture taker; it has only been since I have found the need to write that I have found the power of pictures in adding to the story in terms of impact and feeling. I now look at the world around me searching to see if there is a picture in front of me or a story to tell, not only with words, but visually as well. I have to say that WordPress has opened up my inner world so much; I am very thankful for what WordPress has done for me.