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We both know that Jack is in great hands at home with both of our children watching over him, but we miss him horribly. Our human children have cell phones and text messaging to communicate with us, but Jack doesn’t have those luxuries and he doesn’t like to Skype. lol. During the days that I am away from him, I look at funny dog videos on youtube or the Huffington Post, they make me laugh, but it isn’t the same as cuddling with Jack.



These two pictures are how it is some of the time when we go on road trips; Jack sitting on his Papa’s lap looking at me while I drive us to wherever. He is a good travel companion, aside from being so finicky about where he goes to the bathroom and his food preferences. We got him back on track with his intestinal problems and that is such a relief.

We can’t wait until we get back home tomorrow; not only to see our children, but to see Jack and have him sit on his favorite piece of furniture; my lap.