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Yesterday I went for an afternoon walk to stretch my legs; earlier in the day I had gotten caught in a shower storm walking to the grocery store to buy cereal and fruit, so in my rush to get back to the room, I didn’t stop and take pictures. I waited until later on to take pictures of the beautiful plantings to share with all of you.

Aesthetically, the structured layout has always been my preference, but somehow I can’t really get that look in my own gardens. Mine seem to have a mind of their own and I feel that my plants are the brains behind my gardening operation and I am only there to keep them as happy as possible. I have come to accept my role as caregiver and I am happy when my plants are thriving, even if I would prefer that they heeded me a little bit more. As I was taking my pictures, I really liked the way that the shadows were splayed around the plants, giving more depth to the pictures.

While I was taking these pictures and admiring the impatiences and the begonias, beautifully displayed amongst the rich color of the mounded mulch, I realized that in a few weeks time, these plants will mature and grow to become a carpet of color and then not have as much of a structured look after all, much like what I have at home with my carpets of flowering phlox and vinca major.


As much as I love the French manicured look, I find it to be very difficult to achieve and maintain which is why I moved over to a more naturalist look to my gardens. Anyway, if I get tired of the wild and organic flow of my gardens, I could always roll up my sleeves and try to impose control and order in my gardens in the future. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but that is the beauty of having gardens, you can do however much you like, it is completely up to you.