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Guess what?! My husband and I really enjoyed Maleficent; shocking I know!.
Angelina Jolie was amazing in the movie; she dominated the film completely. I have read other reviews and many of the critics see her performance as both a positive and a negative; that by being such a strong presence she doesn’t allow other components to shine or have as much of an impact that they perhaps should have had; but the critics blamed the director, not Angelina Jolie. I didn’t really see any negative aspect to the movie; the director told a good story; my husband and I understood what the director had in mind; Maleficent has been misunderstood for all of these years. We see Maleficent’s evolution as a character during the entire movie; she isn’t a one note creature; she is complicated, full of emotion and passion. We see that in her relationships within the fairy world and with her relations in the human world.

My husband and I particularly liked Maleficent’s relationship with her aide, Diaval a crow, but in human form was quite witty and entertaining, their banter was very funny. My favorite part was when we get to see Maleficent and Diaval interact with the baby Aurora and then toddler Aurora; I had a smile the entire time.

Aurora was brilliantly played by Elle Fanning; she glowed and embodied light and radiance. You could see how the animals and everyone could just fall in love with her.

I did like the message within he movie for little ones to pick up; you shouldn’t be mean to people because they are different, stealing is bad, hatred and revenge are bad, forgiveness is wonderful and love can fix things.

I’m glad that we went to see Maleficent; we had a nice afternoon of entertainment.