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We just left Philadelphia today, I am writing this from our room in Herndon, Virginia, but I have to say that I look forward to going back to Philadelphia and spending more time there. If everything goes the way that it has been, it seems that my husband or I should say his firm will be helping Comcast build their third tower in Philly, so we would need to spend a little more time there during the duration of the project.










What I like the most about Philadelphia is the strong sense of history that I feel walking along its streets. Granted I have been seeing just a small piece of the grand city, but just looking down the narrow side streets, I can imagine Philadelphia from centuries ago. You can’t walk a block without seeing the name Benjamin Franklin or George Washington somewhere in large letters.

We have been visiting exclusively around the Walnut Street area and besides being a part of the French Quarter; it is a mish-mash of old right next to brand new and somehow it fits together very nicely aesthetically. The Holiday Inn Express in one of the pictures up above was where we stayed last night; very convenient being right in the heart of Philadelphia for what my husband needed to do for work.

Philadelphia is a great university city; you can never have too many universities in your city; their presence does so much to increase the vitality, the diversity and the dynamism of any city. I am happy to say that Philadelphia is home to quite a few and the young blood is alive and kicking everywhere on the streets of Philadelphia.

If anyone has any spare time for a mini-vacation this summer; I recommend a few days in Philadelphia, you will have a lovely time.