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Today my husband and I went down to pick up a new water aeration pump for our pond mostly to keep the mosquitos at bay; when water is being whipped up it is much harder for mosquitos to lay their eggs, or at least that is what I read somewhere. While we were shopping for the pump, we spied some very pretty annuals which the front yard was very much in need of, while we are waiting for the perennials such as the peonies and lilies to bloom; some discreet splashes of yellow and purple to perk up the front, always a good idea.

So while I planted the annuals out in front, my husband put the pump together, submersed it into the pond and voila, a pretty fountain effect:


Now that we have the pump working again, I feel better about not contributing to the mosquito population, I might be wrong about the idea that moving water inhibits egg laying, I hope that I’m not, but I still feel better.





I thought that two trays of annuals would have gone farther than it did. I still have at least seven more containers to fill out in front. I could always use some annuals in the back, but it isn’t needed as much as it is in the front. I’ll probably get the rest of the containers planted with different colored annuals next weekend or at least I hope so.

I am very happy with the work that we did outside today; it’s always nice to add some beauty to the house, either inside or out.