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Can you believe the size of the bamboo already? I was gone just three days and today would make day four since I last really looked at them and they grew at least a foot in height. I was telling my mother as we were working in her garden over the weekend; it would be nice if the plants that we bought at nurseries had root systems as hardy as the ones that we spend all of our time weeding out. She laughed at that. We were weeding her Lily of the Valley as we were talking about it; they had gotten a little out of hand and when I showed her how their root system operates; she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes. They most certainly go forth and multiply.

My weeping tree, I forget what kind of weeper it is; it has been so long since my best friend and I brought it home in my Subaru, I love it so much. I know that I post a picture every year of the same weeping tree with the same purple Azalea, but for me, it never gets old. The flowers are so pretty and I still get amazed by the fact that I haven’t killed them that I get so happy each year that they grace me with their blossoms.

The forsythia is one that I inherited from the house’s previous owners, but I love it just the same even if I didn’t plant it. I like the simplicity of its yellow blossoms against the starkness of its narrow and gracefully curving branches.

Today is such a gorgeous day in Blandford, the only beautiful day of the week; as of tomorrow we are going to be beset with rain, rain and more rain. We probably need it, I think, I am not too sure. Lately it seems that the regions that need the rain aren’t getting any and the regions that have had too much already are just getting more. This spring and summer appears to be forecast for some difficult times for many parts of the country. I am keeping my fingers crossed for everyone, that the weather doesn’t get too severe and people don’t suffer any disasters or at least not too many.