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My chipmunks have taken over my front and back yards; I used to have bunches of tulips all throughout my front yard and at one point I had planted over fifty tulip bulbs in front of the stonewall a few autumns ago and only one bloomed the following spring. I was livid that spring and then when the chipmunks realized that they had eaten practically all of the tulips, they went after my poppies; the little druggies; grabbing my poppy buds and ferreting them back down to their lair. How Dare They. 😦

As of last year I still had a pretty bunch of white tulips in the back, but just yesterday I saw the greenery, but no bulb sprouting from within the leaves so I don’t know. I am hoping that when I get back home from New York on sunday, I’ll have a surprise waiting for me in the back yard; some white tulips.