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It is that time of year again, I have to get down and dirty and beat back the two invasive pests in my gardens; the Bishop weed and the bamboo. If each of them would just stay in check in their respective spots, I wouldn’t have an issue, but no they both creep forward towards my other plants choking the life out of them,so I have to go to town against the Bishop weed and the bamboo to keep the biodiversity of my garden active and healthy.







The reason that I spend hours digging out these two plants is because they have root systems that can be at least a foot long and go very deep; they both also love to hide within the middle of plants that are much more delicate, making it very difficult to completely eradicate them. If you leave a tiny piece of the root, you are guaranteed to have them come back the following year.


Today sped by so quickly; without being aware of it, I spent seven hours at weeding and I barely made a dent. Though I am happy with how I left one of my garden patches, but I still have two other garden patches that need my attention.



It may seem weird, but today was such a relaxing day; me kneeling in the dirt, quietly and methodically digging deep and pulling up root after root, following each root to its lengthy end. Meditation and relaxation are the wonderful outcomes when I weed. I may be tired, but I feel very happy with how my day went.