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Today I went into Westfield to get my mother her Mother’s Day present and my husband suggested that I pick something up for myself as well. My newest Azaleas near the pool took a horrendous beating this past winter as you can see from these pictures:



So while I was at the store and walking up and down the aisles looking at various plants and bulbs for my mother; I saw that they had an Azalea sale, 3 one gallon Azaleas for 19.99, I jumped on it. Given how badly my two look, I don’t know if they will bounce back once it gets warmer; if they do, I still have some spots that I can plant them if I need.


They are a pretty color and seem to be very healthy, so hopefully they will be happy once they get introduced to my garden. My ravaged Azaleas were doing so well these past two summers, I am so sad to see them so damaged by this brutal winter that we just had.

On a happier note, my first Azalea which I have nurtured for almost a decade survived and is thriving despite the incessant cold that we were tortured with, I love my Azalea, he was transplanted twice and still managed to grow and flourish as you can see:



So as you can see, my azaleas are nowhere near as glorious as the Azalea that I had shown and written about the other day. But I can still dream that one day somewhere in the future, my Azaleas perhaps will grow into the magnificent bush that I captured with my cellphone.