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This morning I was walking Jack to Astoria Park and I had to stop and take pictures of the sky; the sheer blue of it was not just intense, but so clear, not a cloud to be found for as far as my eyes could see. After the past week of not just grey skies; but light grey skies, medium grey skies, dark grey skies and very angry grey skies, seeing all of the BLUE was such a beautiful and wondrous thing.

On the way back to my mother’s house, I did a double take because there not two blocks from her house was the biggest Azalea that I have ever seen in my life. It was absolutely magnificent.





It is days like today that give my heart hope and my soul with light. The darkness that lingers underneath is pushed further down by the infinite lightness that sun, clear blue skies and gorgeous blooms brings to my psyche. I felt such a strong need to share all of this beauty with you.