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My husband and I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the 2 dimensional version, at noon today, we only paid ten dollars! Have to appreciate the early bird specials when you can get them :). I have to say that it has been eons since we have gone to the movies and children were part of the audience dressed up in costume. There were two little ones dressed up as Spider-Man and they were so cute. Even as we heard their little voices during the movie; it brought smiles to my face, I was transported to images of our children when they were little and how excited they were to see their favorite action heroes on the big screen.

What can I say about The Amazing Spider-Man 2? It was not a disappointment; there was action, love story, proper villains, struggle, hope and redemption. We were pinned to our seats, the both of us, and time was irrelevant. We left the movie theater talking about the scenes we liked and the characters both old and new and how they meshed with each other and the story.

I had two take aways from the movie; the first involved the air traffic controllers and how professional, competent and necessary they are to our safety as airline passengers. I immediately went to the fight between former President Reagan and our national air traffic controllers union and how he brought their union to its knees and what a mistake that was. I support our air traffic controllers and I hope that their union has gained strength since its previous union had been crushed.

My second take away was that the movie asked a very simple question; who are we? That one question led me to so many others. What makes us who we are? How much of the past shapes us and owns us? Why can two people have similar past hurtful experiences and one thrives despite it, while the other is felled by it. All these questions I think has fueled so much great literature, I would argue that these are the eternal questions and will forever be because the answers are changeable, individual and collective at the same time.

I recommend seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you will not be disappointed, not at all.