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In France, we celebrate May 1st with offerings of Lily of the Valley or Muguet as we call them. Back at home in Blandford, I have spent hours digging out my hundreds of Lily of the Valley because they were stifling my more delicate Hyacinths and Tulips.


These pretty images aren’t from my garden, no my beauties are still sleeping or perhaps when I get home tonight from here in soggy Virginia, I will have a beautiful surprise waiting for me, a Hyacinth or two!

Speaking of soggy Virginia, yesterday was crazy, the skies opened up in the morning and did not shut off until sometime in the night. My husband and I wanted to just go across the street to eat at the Vietnamese restaurant that we really enjoy and the rivers of water were just intense and the thunder and lightning coming down drove us to the safety of the Taco Bell just next door to our hotel. Taco Bell isn’t so bad, three soft tacos Fresco and I was satiated, my husband had his two chicken quesadillas and he was happy. But all around the region of D.C, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, there is huge flooding, sinkholes, derailed train with oil spills into the James River and I don’t know what else. It is quite a day of hardship for so many people. Hopefully this storm system will be the last for several weeks so that these poor people can catch their breath.

I am looking forward to getting back to the Northeast.