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I woke up this morning to this; snow covered driveway, lawn and garden beds. After all that cleanup, not only did I tidy up the backyard, but I had swept away all of the protective cover that was shielding my delicate new growth. I am not very happy with our Northeast weather today. Spring is always a delicate time for flowering plants, after the especially long and harsh winter that we have had, they don’t need any more stress, the poor babies.

I am hoping that in the next few days, when the temperatures come back up to more acceptable levels, any damage may be reversed. New growth can easily die from frost bite and I am hoping that this is not the case with my nascent daffodils. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

On another note, after breakfast this morning, I had my usual oatmeal, I was looking through my e-mails and reading my latest installment from Paris Breakfasts; it is a daily newsletter that brings a little bit of Paris to my doorstep everyday. Today for some reason, reading through Paris Breakfasts gave me a hankering for a very common French sandwich, a sandwich of butter and saucisson on a baguette, saucisson being dry salami or cured sausage, it sounds so simple, but trust me the marriage between cold butter and the salty cured saucisson surrounded by the crusty and delicious French bread is beyond just good, it is mouthwateringly great. This hankering would not go away so I made do with what I had in the kitchen. I took my rye bread, spread some butter and luckily I still had some prosciutto, threw that on top of the butter and ta da, I had my sandwich, not the exact replica, but it did what my tastebuds wanted, satisfied that hankering for a sliver of France. It was good eats.