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I was back at my annual garden cleanup again today albeit, V e r y
V e r y S l o w l y. My main focus was to cut down the crazy dead bamboo; because goodness only knows, we must leave room for those little bamboo shoots to grow and spread. There are so many new shoots that I can safely house a few Pandas without fear of not having enough food for them. I feel better, now that I have done at least most of the heavy lifting; my son did help with picking up the debris and putting it into the brush pile, he made the job much easier and it went a lot faster.





I’m sure that Jack wouldn’t mind the addition of a Panda or two; they would make for new playmates; it’s not as if they would be competing for the same food source or anything, Pandas don’t eat mice, birds or bunnies, and Jack definitely doesn’t eat bamboo.

My gardens may look naked, but at least they look tidy naked.