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Today has been one of the prettiest days in Blandford that we have had in forever, and my garden was calling me. As you can see in the pictures down below, my garden is a mess. This will take more than just a few hours of work, by golly.







After taking the pictures, I spent a few more hours raking, pulling and cutting, now my muscles are pooped, I am pooped. I love gardening, but to be honest, this cleanup business every year is a drag, it reveals the potential of what is to come, but the payoff is visually tiny. If I took more pictures of the “after”, they would look pretty much like the “before”. We are still in early April, I won’t see any real signs of life until mid May, if memory serves me right, I think. lol

I do feel happy with the work that I did and the clean up, even if it is a work still in progress. I am keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow won’t find me too stiff and slow with my muscles saying I hate you; gardening muscles are different from walking muscles, my gardening muscles are the ones that will be upset, I think. Hopefully, they will be fine with me. I’ll let you tomorrow.