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Yesterday when we drove into our driveway, I stopped the car immediately, right at my left, I saw the colors of blue and purple peeking out from the side bed and I got all excited! At last, my own tiny splashes of spring just for me in my garden, hooray!

As soon as the car was in the garage, I didn’t even go inside to say hello to our son or to Jack, I dug into my bag, grabbed my cellphone and took pictures. I had to get pictures so that today I would be able to share my happiness with you. It is such a wonderful gift, the ability to derive such happiness over the appearance of tiny bursts of living color, I am very grateful that I still get excited and giddy that my plants come back season after season and that it doesn’t get old. I think that one of the saddest things that could ever befall a person is either cynicism or becoming blaze. I hope that both my enthusiasm and optimism never diminish, no matter what occurs. I know that I can fall into depression quite easily if I am not mindful. I do work at seeing the glass half full, focusing on deep breathing, remembering that this too shall pass and not forgetting that if it isn’t working out, then it not yet the end. That is an awful lot of stuff to be mindful of, but it does really work. And watching very funny shows helps quite a bit as well; better to laugh than to cry, although crying is good for the soul, when needed.

Happy Spring to everyone!