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My husband, our son and I went to see Captain America today; we LOVED it. I have the snippet of the theme song “When Captain America throws his mighty shield!” playing in my head in a loop, just a little annoying. It had everything; suspense, intrigue, massive action scenes, courage, humor and intense loyalty amidst all of the confusion and intrigue. Chris Evans plays Captain America perfectly; I don’t think that you can get a better portrayal than his. I really believe his sincerity and his solid moral compass and obviously he and his qualities are at the heart of the movie.

It was real nice to see Robert Redford in a huge movie; he makes acting look so effortless, you kind of stop thinking of Robert Redford the actor or even Robert Redford the person and I found myself thinking who was this character that Robert Redford was playing. That probably sounds like gibberish, but I get distracted when I see certain icons o the big screen.

I would say that the big takeaway for me during the entire movie was that we are still asking ourselves the same question; how much freedom are we still willing to surrender just to be safe. Moreover how much of the chaos that we see going on in the world is organic or is it orchestrated to serve others in the final analysis. The subtle messages about fear, subjugation, power and control, I think were well conveyed throughout the movie and I found Captain America to be not only the perfect defender of our liberties and freedoms, but the perfect catalyst for questions and doubt. We need to ask questions of authority and massive security. We should not allow ourselves to be led to complacency, our democracy depends on it. Enough of me getting all preachy, I really recommend the movie for all. It was great!

Having said all that, I love my Captain America as he throws his mighty shield!