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Today while my husband is away in Canada on business, I am at home with Jack and our son, and what better way to enjoy my rare moments at home then by making pizza dough. Recently my go to dinner choice has been frittata, but it’s awfully hard to make frittata when you don’t have eggs and I was too tired to go food shopping, luckily I had all of the ingredients for pizza. I am never too tired to whip up pizza dough, all it takes is a measuring cup and my trusty Kitchen-Aid mixer and voila, pizza dough. This time, I did take the time to knead the dough towards the end by hand because I was getting annoyed with the dough hook, it kept getting embedded with the dough and only spinning it around instead of working and kneading the dough as it should for optimal gluten production. Kneading is relaxing, the dough feels elastic and smooth to the touch and the rhythm that you get into kneading is almost hypnotic,

So pizza is what’s for dinner tonight.