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My husband, our son and I went to the movie theater to see Noah. This movie review will be easier to write than the others in the sense that I don’t have to worry about giving away the ending, no spoiler alerts lol.

The three of us enjoyed it very much. I think that since we went into the theater with open minds, personally I have been a fan of the director’s for a while now, and I knew that he would treat his movie with respect and seriousness, I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what to expect. I am happy to report that Darren Aronosfsky did a tremendous job with the story of Noah and his vision was beautiful, poignant and powerful.

There were many things about the movie that impressed me; it wasn’t just a matter of good versus evil, there was a complexity that took the question to the next level. It was really a fight over how we perceived our role relative to the earth and the Creator. Was earth a gift bestowed to us from the Creator to do with as we pleased, we being the Lords of all that we surveyed or were we to be the stewards of earth, responsible for its health and well-being? If the Creator made us in his image, how high up in the chain of command were we? Why did the Creator stop communicating with us and when there was communication why was it so vague? The most important consequence of the lack of communication between the Creator and man led to the distinct separation between the people of Cain and the people of Seth and their opposing philosophies and faith or lack of faith. The antagonism between the two world views is really the primary conflict in the movie.

The other aspect that impressed me was the immense humanity, humility and sense of culpability that Noah carried within him throughout the movie. In a different manner in terms of how quietly it was done, I was riveted over how Jennifer Connelly imbued her character, that of Noah’s wife, with the heart of the movie. Her unwavering love, faith and compassion for Noah throughout the hardship, the trials, the fearsome trek through the badlands and at the final test of faith where Noah’s line in the sand, his crossroads is even too much for her and the rest of their family to bear, she is still fighting for love, overall fighting so fiercely for love and for him, his soul and his inner heart.

The heart of the movie is love and the sacrifices that are required for love and the difference between the love for the creator and the love of family. Which sacrifice should be the first and primary one, the Creator or one’s own family or do they have to be exclusive. Noah’s sense of responsibility and duty to the Creator was a key player within the entire movie and the dynamic that played out was so well portrayed.

I highly recommend seeing the movie, it is thought provoking and heartwarming I am certain that you will enjoy it and be impressed with it.