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What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

I am 46, this summer on August 7th, I will be 47. Am I happy and looking forward to it? Not really, I don’t feel prepared to be 47, at least emotionally or mentally. I always assumed that at 40, somehow a wave of wisdom bubbles up from somewhere and enters your psyche, I am still waiting for mine lol. I still feel young and unsure about stuff. Sure, I have more worries now than I did back then, but at the time when I was young, my worries felt big and real and why should the “grown up” worries be given so much more weight than those of the younger people? I think everything is relative in the grand scheme of things.

Right now I am dealing with my hormones changing and that can be, at times, a little intense and weird so it kind of impacts how young I feel at any given moment; it is hard to ignore hot flashes when your sweat is beading on your upper lip and dripping down your temple. Superficially, when I am looking in the mirror in the morning while brushing my teeth and seeing gravity and time flex their potent muscles and doing their thing to my face and hair, it gets a little unnerving, because there is no escaping the fact that time ticks onwards and there isn’t much that any of us can do about it.

The only thing to be done about time is to make the most of it and live in the present, not so much in the past, because it is done, fun to remember, but not useful to dwell on.

I believe that “they” are right (whoever they are) when they say that it is all in the attitude. You can only be as happy as you allow yourself to be, if I could see it as not just about aging, as something more like a simple thing of living one more day then I had before, that would do me a whole lot of good mentally and emotionally. I just have to convince my vanity that this is a great idea. lol