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This morning I walked from the hotel to the Herndon Post Office to ship off two packages of homemade goodies. They are now in transit and in several days will arrive to their destinations. As I was walking back to the hotel, it was a mile and a half each way, a nice bit of exercise which made me even happier, I was thinking as usual about the possibilities of actually baking goodies commercially and the logistics of shipping my goodies to customers. This curiosity is always lingering deep in the back of my mind and the only thing that stands in the way of it ever becoming a reality is me. Well in actuality it is more than just me. My piece in this potential puzzle would lie in setting the ball in motion, the other factors could very well be out of my control such as customers actually wanting my goodies, finding a good space to bake that is sanctioned by the health department, finding the time to do all of the baking, packing and shipping and this tiny list barely scratches the surface.

When these thoughts take over my mind, I step back and think of the many ladies and men who actually took their dreams and passions and made them into concrete success stories and I am full of admiration for their courage, their dedication, their tenacity and their steely resolve because it takes all of that to make it in the competitive and volatile retail food industry. And then I ask myself do I have what it takes. I might have had the energy and the strength years ago, but I don’t think that I have the passion to make it a reality. I adore baking for my family and friends, I don’t know if that would ever have been enough for something more on a commercial level.

This isn’t about regrets because it isn’t ever too late. I think to Julia Childs and what she accomplished at 50. She is an inspiration for me, not only when it comes to cooking and baking but also in writing. She did mostly for herself and her friends and then she shared, I like to remember that.

Anyway I am happy, my packages went out and hopefully they will make their recipients very happy.