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Today I am doing what I absolutely love doing, baking. I am making the puff pastry dough necessary to make the caramelized, delicate, buttery cookies that everyone in my family loves so much, the elephant ear cookies.

I think that part of the reason why I love baking so much is how I myself end up smelling like dessert. I walk around the house while I wait for the pastry dough to rest in between the rolling and folding, smelling like butter and flour, a delicious, yummy smell.

Actually butter combined with anything smells so very appetizing; butter and salt, butter and sugar, butter and garlic, basically butter anything smells and tastes wonderful. I know that according to all the health experts, too much butter consumption is not very good for your arteries, but I indulge my appreciation of butter mainly through my olfactory senses so I am fairly sure that my arteries are safe, you can’t clog an artery with your nose and sense of smell.

My cookies will be done by the end of today and they will be shipped out shortly thereafter. That is all that I will say on the matter because their destination is a secret.

I really do smell good, I’m surprised that jack isn’t laying on me licking me to death. It’s probably because he doesn’t associate me with his begging for treats, that is reserved for his papa, I am who gives him his regular food and I am his furniture, no licking included. Jack is really smart and knows who butters his bread; that’s me and I don’t like being licked. He was just sitting next to me looking at me with a curious look sort of “you smell different, I like it, I don’t know what it is but it’s nice” He is so cute.

So pretty soon the house will still smell buttery, not in its raw form, but in its baked incarnation combined with sugar and caramelized by heat and that smells wonderful too.