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I am always late coming to the show, but I have finally stumbled onto the Happy song by Pharrell Williams and I am smitten.

Everything about the song is uplifting; the lyrics, the beat and the video itself. Listening to the song pushes me to a wonderful place, away from dark and stressful thoughts. Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but my mind has been going to the place where I question a lot of things about the brevity of life, our place within the world, our place in the universe, what it means, if anything and sometimes my innate joie de vivre gets tamped down.

The universe might have been looking in on my dark thoughts because lately I have been hearing the Happy song in the background in commercials on practically every single channel that I watch. The beat is contagious so I went to youtube and watched the official video, Pharrell is adorable!

I have registered the song as my internal background music in my head so I have been sitting and walking with a slight smile on my face because honestly you can’t frown or furrow your brow when the song is playing. Your shoulders start moving and your feet start tapping, your head starts grooving, it’s all good, your hands may even start clapping, that is what Happy does to you.

So take the time to listen to the Happy song, you won’t be sorry for it, au contraire, it will put a smile on your face and lighten your spirit.