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Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and my hubby and I are in Boston, he has a million meetings and I’m sitting near North Station reading about what is going on in the world. Boston is a city that has always celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with great enthusiasm, to say the least. It is known for its Saint Patty’s Day parade and its infamous pub crawl. I am not sure if Boston subconsciously competes with New York City, but it definitely gives New York a run for its money. Boston has always had a very large Irish population and they are fiercely proud of their Irish heritage, who can blame them, each heritage is to be proud of and cherished.

Over the days, way back when, when my hubby and I lived in New York City, we participated in the Irish pub crawl, but those days feel like they were a million years ago. Personally I prefer honoring Saint Patrick’s Day through an homage to some the food of Ireland; cabbage, corned beef and potatoes in the form of a nice Reuben sandwich, a twist I know, but it tasty one.