This year I was completely caught unaware that it was last night. I found out this morning when I called my mother. Every weekend, either Saturday or Sunday morning, I call my mother around 9:00 a.m. This morning I woke up to the clock saying 8:45 and I rolled over to look at Jack, he opened an eye. I picked him up and put him outside for his morning business. I went to make our morning coffee, it’s mostly for me and a little bit for my hubby, I drink 3 cups to his one. I prepared Jack’s vittles and let him back in, he is so cute when he comes in because he knows that this is vittles time and he prances right into the living room where his food bowl is located.

As the coffee was brewing, this is when I make the time to call my mother. As we are talking, she says “so you forgot about daylight savings time” She caught me unawares, so I stuttered, not defensively, I was stuttering because daylight savings time was nowhere in my radar and I was completely lost. When my brain finally clicked to what she was talking about, I replied “oh it’s now? I didn’t even realize that it was so soon” She said that it was a little past 10:00 and that is how she knew that I had forgotten daylight savings time. My mother is a smart lady.

Is it only me or did daylight savings time come out of nowhere and a little early this year? Spring isn’t here for another two weeks. I have to admit that it will be nice to have more daylight now. I just feel discombobulated not knowing beforehand, I think that it’s the feeling of being unprepared that is bugging me. At my age I should be more aware of these things, I am fairly sure that is what threw me, otherwise all is good, Spring is coming and so is warmer weather!