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The baby boy is under the weather, he is all stuffed up the poor lamb. He asked his Maman for soup, not just any soup, his body was yearning for Vietnamese Chicken noodle soup. Can’t say no to the baby boy, so I am simmering the broth on the stove and afterwards, I will add the shredded chicken, matchstick carrots, the rice thread noodles and the cilantro and mint when it is ready to eat.

It isn’t all that different from making your standard chicken and noodle soup, the broth that is simmering right now, it has the chicken carcass and its gelatin, I charred an onion and a piece of ginger under the broiler and I put together in a cheesecloth bundle, a cinnamon stick, coriander seeds, star anise, cloves and cardamon pods. Hopefully in an hour’s time, I will have a flavorful broth to add all of the good and nurturing ingredients that I have ready. The baby boy will have his soup and even if it doesn’t cure what ails him, it will be warm and soothing going down.