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A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Anytime I hear a song from Foreigner, The Dooby Brothers, Chicago or even Leo Sayer, I am transported back to the early to mid seventies and my father’s atelier or workshop if you will. I see the image of my mother sitting at one of the worktables with her hair protected by a kerchief, wearing dishwashing rubber gloves, holding a long file and filing off the ragged edges of pewter candlesticks that my father made in his atelier. My father alway worked to music, he loved music, all music and in those days Foreigner was everywhere on the radio as were the Dooby Brothers. I can see my father wearing his protective eyewear holding a huge ladle and dipping it into the huge cauldron full of molten pewter and pouring the hot liquid into his molds. I remember feeling scared and nervous for my father that he might hurt himself, but he never did. I would help my mother with the filing always listening to the music. I know that my little sister was there somewhere, I just can’t see her in the distant fog of my memory. These memories date to when I was five or maybe six years old. My father had his pewter atelier for quite a while, at least ten years and those ten years were very lean economically. My father only made money when he opened his restaurant with his partner and that happened when I was a teenager.

I intellectually know that we were poor back in those days of the pewter atelier, but I didn’t know it or feel it then. Those memories of my parents being together at the atelier were happy ones, my mother was so very adorable with her kerchief on her head and those yellow dishwasher gloves, wearing one of my father’s old dress shirts. My father was very talented, I remember watching him shape modeling clay into new molds for new pewter products such as plates, charger plates and different candle stick holders. He made so many beautiful things with his hands, he was an artist in everything that he did. These memories are very cherished.