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Last night before falling asleep, I was going through the pantry and the refrigerator in my head, trying to come up with something to prepare for the baby boy as he stays home watching Jack our other baby. Being on the road as much as I have been, I haven’t really had the time to restock the refrigerator and the pantry, so I fell asleep thinking about food. I dreamt of food and somehow in all of that dreaming, frittata, spinach and ricotta came about. I woke up with frittata on the brain.

I, somewhere in the night, had remembered that I had two bags of fresh spinach in the crisper, I still had an unopened container of ricotta cheese and I still have onions and garlic plus eggs, bingo frittata. The spinach, ricotta mixture made, in my mind, a lot of sense for a frittata because spinach and ricotta make really good raviolis, so why not a frittata? It may be a stretch to go from ravioli to frittata, but spinach and eggs are lifelong friends so why not throw in some ricotta to make a nice trio of flavors.

I was busy getting these two frittatas together so I completely forgot to take pictures, but really most frittatas look alike, this one was nice and brown on the underside, because after being in the oven I flipped it out of the pan and onto the plate. If I had flipped it back to the right side, it would have been a nice fluffy yellow with the green of the spinach and the white of the ricotta.

I am happy to say that the baby boy, before we left, had a slice and he said that it was delicious. It is quite an amazing thing, that something relatively easy to make, can be so tasty. All it is basically, is chopping an onion, mincing a few cloves of garlic and sautéing them, throwing in a bag of fresh spinach and wilting it down. Meanwhile in a bowl whisk six eggs, throw in some half-n-half, along with a cup of ricotta, salt and pepper and when the sautéed stuff is ready, pour it in the pan and wait until it sets along the side. The oven was preheated to 350 and I put the pan in for about 8 minutes or until the top is set. Be very careful when you pull the pan out of the oven, I have burned my hands and my arm, I don’t know how many times, remember the towel or the mitt, anything to protect your exposed skin. And viola frittata time.