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The baby boy is very busy this weekend, he has two big gigs. It is so exciting! Little by little they are playing bigger venues, they are working on a full length album so who knows, one of these days, they may get to go on tour. Hooray for the baby boy and his band The Vanities.

As a result of the baby boy’s musical commitments, Jack is obligated to accompany us over the next few days. Today and tomorrow, we are in Boston and Jack has never been. These days hotels seem to be much more friendly to dogs or maybe it seems that way because we now have a small dog and not a lumbering 140 lb German Shepard. Rex was the kindest, most gentle giant ever, but trust me, he was hugely intimidating and not on purpose. He parted crowds of people just walking down the street. Jack stops conversations just because he is so, so cute.



The staff at the hotel are so kind here, but today they went up and over the call of duty. They sent up a dog bone shaped tin filled with doggie cookies, a chew toy and a plastic baggie holder. Jack is loving the doggie cookies. I took him for a very long walk and now he is sleeping soundly. This is a good experiment because we are planning to move to Boston in the future so Jack should start getting used to life in Boston.