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As of today Friday at 10:22 a.m, France has won 15 medals at Sochi, hooray! The medals are of the gold, silver and bronze variety and are in Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country skiing, Free-style skiing, ski jumping and Snow boarding. I was very proud of the 4 medals that I had written about earlier, now I am just tickled all over proud for the French athletes and France. I know that compared to the 25 medals that the United States has won, 15 isn’t really something to hooray about, but France isn’t one of those countries that you associate with sports anyway. So when they win, I get a little more excited for them than I would for the U.S simply because historically, winning a lot of medals is how the U.S rolls, France not so much.

I realize that every medal is special, but I have always rooted for the underdog. For instance in men’s hockey, I’ll never forget the year 1980 when the young American hockey team of college amateurs took on the Russian team, career Olympians, and beat them for the gold, that hockey game was EPIC precisely because the Americans were the underdogs.

I sort of feel that way about French athletes, they always seem to be the underdog, so when they win, it is for me, even more special. Hopefully no one in France is reading this, they might be a little put out with me, or perhaps they would laugh and say “mais oui” lol