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Happy days for me, an entire day with sunlight and warm temperatures. It is a toasty 40 degrees here in Boston and the sun is shining, it’s as if the snowstorm that we drove in yesterday had never happened. There are drips falling everywhere in Boston, melting snow hooray! Maybe there is an end in sight to this snow happy winter. So far the temperature forecast for the next week is in the mid 40’s, a long overdue break from the freezing mode that we have been stuck in, I have a big smile on my face with that piece of welcome news. Jack is happy too, the poor baby really doesn’t like to be cold.



I’m sure that the baby boy is happy that the snow is melting back home and I know that down in Miami, the baby girl is most likely wearing shorts today. The warm light is just at the end of the tunnel of winter, we are almost there just a few more weeks to go. πŸ™‚