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Yesterday and today, my sister, niece, nephew and I hit the slopes at Blandford Ski are; I have never skied better snow conditions ever. For the Northeast, this snow cover was exceptional, not a single inch of ice anywhere. My sister and I kept on saying as we skied down the slope, how amazing the snow conditions were and our mother would have been so happy skiing these trails, not stressing over ice, just relaxing and letting her skies flow down the mountain.

My nephew who is seven, got two lessons spaced out over the two days and today, it really came together for him; he graduated to the lift and he was so proud of himself when he got off the lift without any help and didn’t fall. He is probably one of the most enthusiastic little boys that I have ever met, even when he would fall down, there would be an easygoing smile on his face. He melts my heart with that beautiful smile of his.

My niece is quite independent for her almost eleven years; she definitely goes to the beat of her own drum. She reminds me quite a bit of my baby girl and I tell my sister quite often that she will not have to worry about her when she gets older; it will just be challenging in the meantime. When one of your kids is firecely independent, it’s challenging tying to keep the group together, especially when the other child isn’t on the same level of skill as everyone else.

I love being with my little sister, it brings back a lot of great and happy memories and being with my niece and nephew reminds me of my two when they were little. And just their ages makes them fun to hang around with, they make me laugh with their spontaneity and imaginative tales.

But all of the exercise and neglected muscles are starting to stiffen up, tomorrow will be a tough day, my muscles will be yelling at me, they have already started moaning and groaning, that might be me getting up and picking my arm up, bending over, moving my legs up and down the stairs. Oh boy, skiing once a year is not the best thing to do if you don’t like sore muscles. I don’t like skiing alone and it seems that my hubby and I always have something else to do on the weekends. This is why I love having my sister come up to Blandford for skiing, it gives us great alone time with her two and it gets me on the slopes.

Feeling old, but feeling very happy.