I had to put the bread pudding back in the oven once I cut into it because the custard hadn’t completely set, but I wanted to take a picture to show you the insides, the custard, the raisins and the orange zest. Actually thank goodness for my desire to show you a picture, because I would not have been aware that the custard wasn’t set all of the way if not for the need for a picture. I had planted a knife, but the knife was short, I didn’t notice, I was that rushed and in a hurry. It all came out alright in the end, the custard set, the babies loved it and so did I.



I am definitely going to make this again, it was a great comfort food type of dessert, perfect for the apres ski dinner scene. We are going to have it tomorrow for breakfast, a great breakfast to power ourselves up for ski.Tonight we had lasagna and tomorrow we’ll have it again for lunch when we come back home from our morning ski run.

It’s always so much fun to have my sister and my niece and nephew over for ski or for any old thing. Their puppy Harry came over to play with Jack.

They have been non-stop running, jumping and horsing around. They are going to sleep like babies tonight.

So there you have it, the end of the brioche saga. It ended very well. Hooray!