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Today was the day to see if all of my work in preparing and kneading the brioche dough was successful. After going out food shopping with my hubby for the lasagna ingredients and the rest of the bread pudding ingredients, I came home to start the tomato sauce and to bake the brioche. I had taken the dough out of the refrigerator before leaving and put it in a warm place to get a second rising and then I had gotten home, I had punched down the dough and shaped it into the loaf pan, brushed it with egg wash and off into a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes.


At this point, I couldn’t tell if it was going to turn out well or not. I was still nervous at this point and so I had 35 minutes to wait before I knew if my work was going to pan out. I was so happy to see a golden brown brioche when I opened the oven door. Here is the picture of the brioche just out of the oven.


Hooray, it looks pretty good and it is cooked all the way through, the knife came out clean. I called my hubby into the kitchen to look at it, he said that it looked a little weird, he was imagining something more grand I think, but no matter, I was impressed with it. Now my hubby asked me to turn it out of the pan, so that he could taste it.


He really, really liked it, I tasted it and it tastes light and buttery, perfect for the breakfast bread pudding tomorrow. All in all it isn’t too much work, it is more a question of timing than actual work, the resting time is the “tricky” part. It’s also a much stickier dough to work with than what I am accustomed to, what with the eggs and all of the butter. I will definitely make it again, now that I know what to look for and what it feels like as a dough. That is what I love about baking and cooking, always something to learn and it involves all of the senses, it isn’t a static or boring past time, it keeps me constantly engaged and interested.

Here is a picture of my tomato sauce, it’s about ready so I will be putting my lasagna together and tomorrow we will have lasagna to eat, always better the next day.