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Today I am making brioche dough for the first time ever. I’ve made other types of yeast dough such as for croissants and raisin buns, but never for brioches. I don’t know why, I do know that I have had brioche on my mind for a few years now because it is intrinsic to a recipe that I have wanted to make for the longest time; a brioche breakfast bread pudding. The recipe comes from the Barefoot Contessa or Ina Garten and it sounds absolutely delicious for breakfast.

The occasion is because my sister and the children are coming Monday and staying until late Tuesday and I want to have a wonderful warm breakfast for Tuesday morning for my niece and nephew, and my sister. They are coming for skiing, after all the snow and the ski area just down the road; why not come over for two days of great skiing conditions?

Brioche dough needs to be made the day before which is why I made the dough this evening, so tomorrow I can shape the dough into my loaf pan and bake it. The bread pudding needs day old brioche bread so by Monday I will have everything ready to make the bread pudding. We can have it for Monday night dessert and Tuesday morning, I’ll warm it up for breakfast.

The bread pudding will be two layers of brioche bread with a sprinkling of raisins in between and a rich custard bathes the brioche slices, almost like French toast with a vanilla custard. I can’t wait to try it.

Before all that, I hope that the brioche dough rises and then I hope that the brioche bread tastes good. If that happens then we will be on our way to a wonderful bread pudding, all my hopes for success rest on my dough. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I am nervous because I’m not sure if I kneaded it too much or maybe not enough, it was really sticky, seriously sticky and I added a bit more flour and still it was sticky, sticky. I finally got it to be smoothish and elastic, but it took an awful long time, my shoulder muscles were getting tired from lifting the dough up over itself, over and over again for at least twenty minutes. I really hope that it comes out fine, but even if it doesn’t, I will try again because practice makes perfect or pretty darn good.