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As I was reading up on the history of Saint Valentine’s Day to refresh my memory, I skimmed through the martyrdom of Valentine during Roman times, martyrdom is very tragic, even though the priest who was burned because he heroically married soldiers and their loved ones despite those weddings being against the law. He was also aiding and abetting Christians, so I am not sure which was worse in Roman law, performing marriages or spreading the Christian faith.

Now Geoffrey Chauncer, the Father of English literature, is also the Father of the romantic tradition during Valentine’s Day. he wrote the Parlement de Foules, or the Parliament of Birds, is the first reference of Saint Valentine’s Day being the day of lovers. In high school during freshman year, I remember Mister Manion, my English teacher, guiding us through the Canterbury Tales and it was fantastic, I always thought that Mister Manion had missed his true calling, an actor on the stage, because he also acted out the great story of Graendal and Beowulf and I can’t forget the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. Mister Manion, such a fantastic teacher, I was truly blessed to have a teacher who unabashedly showed his passion for literature and reading.

Today I received the wonderful chocolates of Teuscher from my hubby. They are very special chocolates, my favorite as you all know. I will definitely share them with my hubby and the baby boy, but not Jack. Sorry Jack, chocolates are bad for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂