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Not to be mean, but the French are not really medal winners in any of the Olympic Games. This is usually why I think that I get so excited when one or two of my fellow Frenchmen achieve any one of them; gold, silver or bronze. Yesterday I got to watch a young French man, Martin something or other, win a Gold in the Biathlon! And then his teammate Jean-Guillaume Beatrix won the Bronze! Two medals for France, hooray for them!

I have to say that this year I was disappointed to not see any French participants in figure skating, speed skating or skiing. Perhaps they were there but failed to qualify for the final rounds. I remember the days of Picard skiing, and we had a few excellent snowboarders, but this year all of the French names were representing Canada.

Well I am proud for France, we got two medals so far and that is a feat in and of itself. Who knows the Games are still in progress so I may have to come back and edit this post. I definitely hope so. Fingers crossed for the athletes. I hope that everyone watching is enjoying the accomplishments, courage and sheer determination of all of these young athletes. My hat off to every single one of them