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On the way down to Virginia, somehow in our rush to get ready, pack the car and just get on the road. I forgot to eat lunch. Driving down through Connecticut, New York and then New Jersey; my stomach didn’t even growl once. It wasn’t until we hit sundown and snow started to fall in Delaware, and driving got harder, that my tummy started to rumble. My hubby talked into his phone; summoning Siri, asking her where the nearest IHOP was located. The nearest International House of Pancakes was perfectly located just 3 miles off I-95; easy on, easy off. We pulled in and we both ordered a small stack with coffee. There are those times when pancakes just seem to hit the perfect spot; a pat of butter on top that I split into small pieces and applied those little pieces on each of the five layers of pancake and then, of course, a boatload of maple syrup; not the pure stuff from Canada, no, the thick sugary sweet stuff that you find in the supermarket. My throat is always irritated and for the few minutes that I eat pancakes loaded with the sweet syrup, the soft pancake swaddled in syrup just glides down my throat and makes it feel so much better. It was a very satisfying dinner, especially with the snowfall and the cold. The pancakes with the coffee, really hit the spot.