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When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?

I can’t remember the last time that I was embarrassed, not because I haven’t been embarrassed as of late, it’s because I just can’t remember why I was embarrassed. I do know that lately if I am particularly tired, I have a hard time making sense and when I want to ask strangers something, I often sound all jibberish and nonsensical. My thoughts don’t translate very well into words and I do feel embarrassed by that. When I write, it is far easier because my thoughts have a chance to settle before my fingers type them out and I feel much more relaxed and confident. I acutely feel my fatigue during those times and I think that my brain just freezes or it could be my mouth or some odd connection between the two.

I still mistakenly try to get into every silver colored car except for ours, but no one else notices, aside from my family, and all I do is laugh about it because I find it very funny.

I haven’t walked into anything lately, I have been driving an awful lot so that may well be part of the reason. It’s very simple really, I haven’t walked into anything because I haven’t been off rushing around distractedly on foot.

Perhaps I haven’t felt embarrassed lately because life is too short. I fall, I get into the wrong car, I can’t speak or I forget someone’s name; oops and we move on. I will definitely get a good laugh at my own expense, but I always say better laugh than cry.