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Yeepee for me, yesterday I got back to writing on my novel. I know it has been a little too long away from my novel, there is no excuse in the world that I can offer to justify my lack of progress.

I have to admit that I am entering the New York phase of my book with trepidation. I am not entirely sure how or where to proceed, I know how I am going to remedy that. I am going to write up an outline with ideas and thoughts as to what my goals are for the New York part of the saga. I have already done some historic research so I am good there, it is more on the emotional side and my character’s feelings about her new home, being away from her family, meeting her love’s friends and family; how much excitement, how much homesickness, how much loneliness and how much infatuation for the new city to describe and put into the pages. So there is where I am.

I tell you, I “knew” that writing a novel was really, really hard. I just never quite understood how wrenching the words can be to put on paper, how hard it is to translate emotions into words and even dialogue is a tough nut to crack. I refuse to rush myself, I don’t want to make it about the finish line, I want this to be about the characters and how they feel, where they are and have them get to their place at the correct point in time. I am working really hard to not be negative about my writing or get bogged down in self-doubt. I need to forge ahead one page at a time or two if I’m feeling energetic. That is what I need to focus on; type and move the story forward.

It is hard, but it is so worth it.