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I had to show all of my friends the ultimate sign of hope for the upcoming spring, a beautiful red bloom. What makes this bloom so amazing is, if you look closely at the Hibiscus bushes, they are so sad in the sparsity of leaves and yet I have quite a few buds; granted they are taking a long time to bloom, but their promise is there nevertheless.



Another little fact is that with the extreme cold temperatures, the dining room has been on the really chilly side and I have been concerned about keeping my Hibiscus, my Bougainvillea and Mandeville alive. These plants aren’t used to such cold even in the house and to see the Hibiscus blooming, despite a lack of leaves and being chilled for the past few weeks, it made me so happy. I’d be so sad if I lost either one of these plants, I have been nursing these plants for several years and I love them. I was nervous this year because when the cold hit, it hit hard and so many leaves fell at once that I thought oh no, poor babies.

So today being the first of February means that we are inching closer to spring and I am so looking forward to it. My red bloom is making me very hopeful for a glorious spring and a healthy reawakening of all of my plants both inside and outside.