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After the movie, I made Palmier cookies or more commonly know as Elephant Ear cookies.


The cookies weren’t a big deal to make since I had the dough already made and frozen, it was simply a matter of thawing it out and rolling it in sugar, cutting it into slices and baking the cookies.

The movie I, Frankenstein, what can I say, we went to see it despite the numerous awful reviews I read online. I was curious to see how we would rate the movie, given how extremely easy-going we are about our movie appreciation;especially when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy. I read that it was boring, stupid and poorly thought out. I wouldn’t have gone that far; but I can see why critics went negative with the reviews.

The actors weren’t B actors either so it was surprising for the story to kind of disappoint as much as it did or was it the directing? I’m not sure because directing is as much telling the story as a script does, so I’m not quite certain which is at fault.

I’m not blaming the actors; Billy Nighy and Aaron Earkert are wonderful actors as well as Yvonne Stronowski and I love watching them on the big screen. The only thing is that Aaron doesn’t make for much of a “monster”, even with the jagged scars, he is much too handsome to scare anyone. The beautiful doctor played by Yvonne had her moment of lust when she saw Aaron shirtless. She recovers herself and say afterwards that a monster is only deemed a monster through his actions.

The Gargoyles are the heroes but even then, they lose their credibility when they presume to know God’s plan. There is a lot of presuming and assuming and the lesson here is that woe to he who does either.