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Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

The one thing that I really do not understand about the younger generation is their love affair with tattoos and piercings. I am going to say perhaps one of the most cliched saying, but here goes: “when I was young, tattoos were for bikers and military persons and forget about piercings, that was solely in the punk rock scene” lol. Maybe I am a stick in the mud but I don’t understand it. I can’t find the aesthetically appealing aspects of facial piercings such as nose piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings and gauges on the ear lobes. I am aware that in other cultures there is serious meaning and symbolism with body piercings, I just don’t see it in middle America. I have the same feelings about tattoos, I don’t get them. Having said, that my hubby is the only man who can pull off his tattoos, I find my hubby extremely handsome even with his tattoos and I don’t say that about anyone else, even the actors in Hollywood. The only other person who can pull off the tattoo is Angelina Jolie, hers suit her and do not detract from her beauty. This is only my opinion and it doesn’t matter for anything, aside from answering this prompt.

My feelings only came about on this subject when my two babies started agitating over tattoos and piercings. I would wail “you are both so beautiful why are you going to mess all that beautifulness with tattoos and piercings?” They answered in the same way “This is how we want to express ourselves and it is our decision and our body and since you love us, you will accept our decisions” They were right, they are beautiful with their tattoos and their piercings. I love them so much no matter what.